Safety Tips


Read Safety Points While Visiting Spa / Massage Center.

  • ⇒ If you are well and don’t have any symptoms of flu or COVID-19, then visit our center.
  • ⇒ Wear a face mask while visiting our spa center.
  • ⇒ We do proper checking of the body temperature of all the customers and our staff too at regular intervals.
  • ⇒ Our spa rooms are sanitized after every therapy. Every customer will get sanitized before each massage therapy.
  • ⇒ Get a proper bath after every massage therapy.
  • ⇒ Prefer online mode while doing the payment. Avoid cash transactions to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
  • ⇒ Customers can also have a look at the spa environment and check the hygiene level of our center.
  • ⇒ Also, wash your hands or sanitize it frequently to prevent the spread of viral disease.

| Take Care & Stay Safe |

Public Health, Safety and Welfare for the Massage Takers

Do you think it is safe to take a massage at a spa?

Before we answer this, let’s see what a spa environment looks like.

Important things you should know about massage and Spa therapy.

1)  Spa or Massage Centers Reputations –

Most of the spas and massage centers associated with us are highly reputed and provide premium quality massages. To maintain the Spa reputation, they always tend to improve their services by asking for prompt feedbacks from the clients. Thus making the spa a more comfortable place for customers.

2) Experienced Staff –

All the staff with these massage centers and spas is well experienced and have an innate desire to perform fulfilling massage on customers. In this way, they ensure that you do not feel discomfort in any manner. Their experience indeed helps the clients to relax in a better manner.

3) Massage or Spa Charges –

The massage or spa charges are normally reasonable however it depends on the city or place of its existence. There are several factors associated with the change in prices according to the city. Mostly possible reasons are the location of the spa center, the rent they pay, the quality of services being provided, experienced staff who are normally paid well, and so on so forth.  So if you take spa – massage in different centers you can be sure about experiencing charge variations.

A few pieces of advice…

4) Avoid valuable things –

Whenever you visit a spa or a massage center, try avoiding a few valuable things from keeping with you such as Golden Ring, cash, wallet, mobile phones, or any other costly things. This is to ensure that you do not face any huge losses while on this break. 

5) Avoid illegal extra services or activities –

Almost every spa massage center has a different offering for you at different price tags. But, you can avail some of extra services at some additional cost at some massage centers. This is however not advisable yet if you tend to take them, and then please have this in mind that we, massagespaindia team, will not be held responsible in any circumstance. The therapists or Staff oftentimes demand extra money in the form of tip. You are welcomed to entertain them by giving some but, it is in no way compulsory. You can refuse in every sense.

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