Get Best Thai Massage in Solapur at Avani Spa

The Massage in Solapur is the best spa chain to Market And practice authentic Thai massage treatment to heal various ailments. Thai massage dates back to 2500 years at the time of Lord Buddha. Shivago Komarpaj, considered to be a physician to Lord Buddha, is the creator of this massage therapy which is performed along the body’s energy lines. Afterward, this technique has gained global popularity under the title of ‘Traditional Thai Massage’.

‘The Avani Spa’ has played the role of a stalwart to deliver the Rich legacy of Thailand’s spa to India. With their authentic therapy procedure, the brand has kept the original flavors of Thailand in each and every socket of The Thai Massage in Solapur. The leading spa series is aimed to keep the promise of authenticity intact by appointing highly-skilled native therapists from Thailand. The usage of imported essential oils and aromatic herbs has also contributed a great deal in preserving authenticity.

Massage in Solapur began Its travel from Eastern India with its own original socket in South City Mall in Solapur. The socket gained a lot of popularity and experienced hundreds of footfalls at no time which encouraged the brand to launch eight more outlets in the city of Solapur. With the gradual expansion, the health spa series started to bloom all across the nation with outlets in the cities of Pune, Mumbai, Thane, Navi Mumbai, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Surat, Vadodara, Udaipur, and so forth. With a motto to provide an experience of absolute tranquillity to a bigger amount of individuals, the newest is aiming to establish additional outlets in the various cities of Maharashtra.

With dedicated and keenly supervised client support, ‘The Avani Spa’ is emerging as the best name at the health spa and health industry in India. All the sockets of ‘The Avani Spa’ maintain the same degree of adherence to the superior practice of cleanliness, client service, and authenticity. Each of these is performed with utmost care and is sometimes assisted with aromatherapy candles and herb extracts to cure fatigue, stress, strain, and mental turmoil that come with a frantic lifestyle.

To catch the truest character of Thailand’s rich heritage of spa Civilization that ignites one’s soul with unadulterated rejuvenation, a visit to any Outlet of ‘The Avani Spa’ is essential. Visit the Massage Spa India for your best body massage in Solapur and find the top quality therapy to boost your health and mind.